Tommy and Anna investigate the evolution of digital billboards, their increasing dominance over public space and the impact on mental health and wider wellbeing. 
This episode gives voice to communities directly affected by digital Billboards and  explores Subvertising, 'concretisation', and reviews why new Advertising technologies  are an enhanced threat to personal agency and public choice.  
Featuring interviews with Leigh Coghill (Adblock Bristol/ Adfree Cities) and Dr Thomas Dekeyser (cultural geographer and urban ethnographer). 
Leigh Coghill
Thomas dekeyser

This episode was presented by Tommy Chavannes and Anna Meares
Researched and co-produced by Callum Simms, Morgan Tipping, Anna Meares, 
Charles grazebrook and Tommy Chavannes.

Edit and Sound Design by Tommy Chavannes and the Message Recall soundtrack by mishima.
Big thanks to Robbie Gillet, Emilie Tricarico
Hugo Périlleux Sanchez

 resources online which helped to create this show,

Thomas dekeyser - The material geographies of advertising: Concrete objects, affective affordance and urban space

Israel Traffic Study - Influence of Billboards on Driving Behaviour and Road Safety


Music Found Sourced from

Artwork by calypo spritz

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