Peter and Tommy discuss the upcoming Gambling Act Review and ask whether it responds effectively to the gambling industry’s dramatic expansion into the markets of internet and mobile games. Online gambling had very little presence when the original act was passed, but now the landscape has changed completely.

The episode looks at the effects of this boom, in particular at the opportunities presented to gambling advertisers by digital platforms. We investigate the impact of public messaging on the health and wellbeing of individuals who use gambling products and ask whether the upcoming review is likely to be effective in curbing some of its most dangerous effects.

The episode features interviews with three key contributors: Professor Agnes Nairn, Chair of Marketing at the School of Economics, Finance and Management at the University of Bristol; James Grimes, founder of The Big Step, a Bristol-based anti-gambling harm group; and Nathan Critchlow, a Research Fellow at The Institute for Social and Marketing Health based in the University of Sterling.

The episode was produced and presented by Tommy Chavannes and Peter Dodd. It was researched by Peter Dodd, Tommy Chavannes, Michael Clark and Charles Grazebrook.

Edit and Sound Design was done by Tommy Chavannes. The Message Recall soundtrack was produced by mishima. 

Additional support came from Anna Meares, Calum Sims, Robbie Gillett and Nicola Round.

Huge thanks again to our contributors: James Grimes, Agnes Nairn and Nathan Critchlow.

We hope you enjoy the episode. Help and resources are provided below.

Resources and links:

Nathan Critchlow, Betting and gaming: the COVID-19 impact study

Agnes Nairn, Biddable Youth

James Grimes, The Big Step

Adfree Cities, ASA report – Too close for comfort

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