Tommy and Anna explore how tobacco industries spent the 20th century dodging and manipulating government health and safety regulations around tobacco advertising, and continue to do so around the world today.
Like the multi-headed hydra, each time an advertising method is cut off for them, tobacco companies have used perverse and enterprising tactics to continue selling their products to the masses. We discover how this industry banded together to spread confusion, fake science and misinformation around the health impacts of smoking, used reward coupons to promote tobacco use, and sell brand recognition to children as young as three.
Even today, big tobacco companies are utilising the stunned attention of the public during the Covid-19 pandemic - caused by a respiratory virus - to sell Vape products.
We speak to experts from anti-smoking campaigns and medical specialists, who are looking into how far we can trust these companies.
By funding anti smoking programs and declaring they are stopping cigarette sales, are these companies really evolving into more health conscious and responsible organisations?
There are fantastic resources online which helped to create this show,

Helen Thomas
Andrew Rowell
Angela Raffle

This episode was presented by Tommy Chavannes and Anna Meares
Researched and co-produced by Callum Simms, Morgan Tipping, Anna Meares, Ceilidh Jackson and Tommy Chavannes.

Sound Design from Pete Dodd and the Message Recall soundtrack by mishima
Big thanks to Robbie Gillet, Leigh Coghill and Nicola Round

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Artwork by Calypo Spritz

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